ABI Applications


Our accurate SIGINT Data will enable the geolocation of advanced signals.

Our satellites will locate any target electronic signals i.e . capture signals intelligence (SIGINT).  Analysis can then be performed on this geolocated data, be it from friendly or foreign communication systems, radars and defence systems, and transform it into actionable intelligence.  The information generated by these systems offers insight into our others’ actions, capabilities, and intentions often long before they act.

Modern technology is increasing the quantity and complexity of these signals as well the pace at which new signals emerge. As a result, SIGINT customers are demanding solutions that affordably keep pace with evolving mission requirements.

Our accurate SIGINT data will geolocate these advanced signals and by integrating them seamlessly, using our own software, with other data we are able to offer a comprehensive view of any area on the globe.

This activity-based intelligence (ABI) is a tool with significant capability.  It is essential when the challenges faced by those looking after borders or assets are increasingly harder to predict. Our global ABI shifts the focus from traditional reactive and focused intelligence reporting to shining a light on previously unknown activity.

As operational needs evolve we are able to refine our technology and grow our constellation to provide affordable and low risk solutions with lower revisit times to the end user.


Maritime Security

Maritime assets are tracked using an AIS (automatic identification system) or via GPS, Kleos will provide geolocation data for all RF transmissions from all sources enabling the tracking of assets true position independent of AIS enabling the identification of vessels/assets who do not wish to be tracked such as those performing illegal fishing.


Search and Rescue

Kleos data will provide a geolocation capability of RF transmissions even when Search & Rescue situations are challenged due to existing beacon or tracking systems failing when in mountainous regions or damage has occurred.



Kleos will visualize in near-real time communications interference & RF frequency utilization. The data will enable improved utilization and reduce conflict of this natural resource.



Kleos data will enable the global geolocation and tracking of assets and threats on the ground or at sea for both security and humanitarian purposes. Kleos data offers a cost effective additionality when compared to traditional airborne ISR capability.