About Us

Space powered signal and geospatial intelligence

Company overview

Providing unprecedented situational awareness for the defence, security intelligence and surveillance sectors.

With the creation of distributed sensing and intelligence gathering capability, the Kleos satellites exploit rapidly deployed technologies to reduce risk and ensure that changing customer needs are fulfilled proactively by small, low cost satellites.

Our engineers utilise propriety algorithms and data processing methodologies to ensure our unique data products can be used in conjunction with other data sources, mapping or GEOINT imagery to enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.

Trusted by agencies worldwide to deliver independent, commercially available RF reconnaissance data, improving both maritime and land-based safety.

What We Do

Kleos detects and geolocates radio frequency transmissions from space to improve the identification of hidden and illegal activity.

Complementary and cost-effective data can be used to tip and cue existing datasets to enhance intelligence capability, even when traditional GEOINT sources are compromised by weather, distance, or sea-state. Kleos’ independent geolocation data is delivered via API via a custom data package.

Our R&D engineers develop the latest techniques for Radio Frequency (RF) geolocation and signal analysis using Low Earth Orbit (LEO) nano-satellites.

Data is sold on a subscription basis to government and commercial analytics & intelligence entities around the globe.

Courtesy of ISIS B/v
Courtesy of ISIS B/v
Courtesy of ISIS B/v

Enhance detection of illegal activity & improve border security.

Whether you are looking to evaluate Kleos’ products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into another product, the Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.