Who we are

Kleos Space was founded by Magna Parva Ltd to develop the Geolocation Intelligence Data Service and over a longer term market disruptive in-Space technologies.

Kleos will launch and operate satellite infrastructure that will generate commercial ISR and geoservices data, and sell DaaS internationally via subscription to government agencies, the intelligence community, end users, or businesses interested in locating threats, assets, targets or emergency beacons/those in distress.

Kleos is developing a platform, such that the ISR and geoservice data can be presented in conjunction with mapping or other imagery to provide an innovative method of identifying activity of interest to the customer. Such data has not previously been available on a commercial basis, and certainly not at a reasonable price.

The Founder; Magna Parva is a Space engineering firm based in the United Kingdom which has been developing the in-Space technology for 9 years and the ISR and geolocation data collection mission concept for 3 years. Magna Parva, under the stewardship of Kleos CEO, Andrew Bowyer, and CTO, Miles Ashcroft, has a history of delivering flight hardware and has participated in several European Space Agency missions.

Data Technology

Meet the Team.

Gavin Bowyer

MAIT Manager

Lara Busto

Principle; Mechanical

Daniel Martin

Principle; Electronics

Antoni Hernández Bonet

Principle; RF

Paulina Marra

Principle Data Scientist

Pablo de la Fuente

Development Engineer

Georgios Christos

Junior Development Engineer


Magna Parva

Our company parent and technology partner.

In-Space Missions

Our mission delivery partner.


Our R&D electronics partner.


Research partner.