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Kleos data delivers a cost effective input for ABI 'tipping and cueing' of other EO and ISR assets

Kleos Data provides cost effective global geolocation data never before available to all defence and security actors.

Where Kleos Guardian Data could be used:

OP Atalanta is a European Union Operation to counter the effects of Somalian based piracy. Contributions to Op Atalanta come from a range of countries including China, India, Japan, Russia as well as UK, New Zealand, Australia and others totalling 33 countries.

In an operation like this, ISR is critical and has been used very effectively to shut down pirate operations. It is vital that all the contributors have access to the very best ‘maritime picture’; a picture that is the same on every vessel to ensure contributions are cooperative, positive and timely no matter which country deliver the capability or effect.

Commercial sources of ISR, like that provided by Kleos Space, are both sharable because they are not classified and cost effective in a coalition operation where every contributor is watching the mission costs. The data can be obtained either as a subscription or in 4 dimensions (an area of the earth surface over a particular period of time)

[1] Combined Maritime Force (CMF)

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