Activity Based Intelligence



Kleos is offering a remarkable shift in global geo-located intelligence gathering capability from Space. We are able to ‘listen’ and ‘locate’ radio signals from, for example; Satphone, Mobile Phone, Maritime VHF, Ships of undesirable users such as; drugs/people smugglers, terrorists, pirates, illegal fishermen and also from those in need of search and rescue.



Kleos data will be provided to users for whom information, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) superiority is absolutely essential for success in dealing with increasingly complex threats and emergencies, driving the need for quality geospatial intelligence & signals intelligence. This is not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’ capability.



By launching a single satellite system in 2019 followed by launching a constellation of 20 radio data collection spacecraft systems. Each satellite system separates receiving antenna by enough distance in order to record a time difference of arrival of the signal from the ground and by doing so we are able to accurately locate the source of the radio signal.

Our satellite system will geolocate any target passive electronic signals (i.e. without the need for active tracking such as AIS).


Visualisation of the hidden

Kleos Space will launch and operate Space-based infrastructure that will generate unique, commercial GEOINT and SIGINT data, and to sell the Data as a Service internationally via application subscription to government agencies, the intelligence community, end users, or businesses interested in locating threats, assets, targets or emergency beacons/those in distress.

The end data product is an ‘image’ or ‘map layer’ in the RF spectrum that shows the location of RF emitters transmitting the relevant radio frequencies geolocated highly accurately. The data refresh rate is dependent on the power of the transmission and the number of satellites in orbit. With a single satellite, data refresh rates will be every 10 to 24 hours depending on power of transmission, the end goal is to provide refresh rates of 0.5 to 2.5 hours which would require a small constellation of 10 satellites.

When the data is used in conjunction with mapping or other imagery in the visible domain this provides a unique and extremely valuable method of identifying activity of interest to the customer base. This is known as Activity Based Intelligence (ABI). Our software will look for patterns of life that are out of the ordinary with complete global coverage.



Tasking via intuitive Web App for specific monitoring requirements.



Kleos data integrated into a wide array of other intelligence data sources for greater insight.


Raw Data

Ordering via a secure Web App by ground area and time domain for your integrated application.



With global coverage with high frequency revisit rates, Kleos RF data provides the missing puzzle piece in your intelligence capability.