ISM Applications


Going beyond convention.

With our In-Space Manufacturing technology we are offering the ability for Space mission engineers, scientists, explorers and entrepreneurs to go beyond convention. We are enabling the Space civil engineering revolution.


We are actively seeking new ideas for possible uses of the technology from end-users, systems integrators and Agencies, some examples below:

  • Radio transmission interferometry (larger = higher resolution)

  • Telescope deployment (larger = better resolution)

  • Sun shield (larger = cooler)

  • Star shade (larger = better imagery)

  • Solar sails (larger = higher propulsion thrust)

  • Parabolic reflectors (larger = more photons collected/higher capacity)

  • Solar array deployment (larger = more power)

  • Optical Interferometry antenna (larger = better resolution)

  • Stereo (3D) imaging (larger = greater accuracy)

  • Gravity sensor (larger = greater accuracy)

  • Radiation source deployment (larger = source further away from instruments)

  • Moving Target Indicator Radar track (larger = larger swath)

  • Active deorbiting (larger/stiffer = a working solution)