Mission Statement

A letter from co-founder Andy Bowyer

Our mission is to deliver RF geolocation intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data internationally through a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and/or Mission-as-a-Service (MaaS) to government agencies, the intelligence community and businesses interested in locating threats, assets, targets, or those in distress.

We deploy space technology to help in the fight against global environmental, security and economic challenges by delivering high value data sets, which helps identify hidden and illegal activity.

Our business model is quite straightforward in terms of what we are doing: selling both data as a service and dedicated intelligence capacity. We allow subscribers to access our database in exchange for money or a subscription; the more they are paying for the subscription, the more data that they can access. 

The data that our subscribers are accessing is what we call geospatial data, which is generated with our own satellites flying around the earth and our proprietary geolocation algorithm. We have developed and proven a Signal Intelligence Platform that uses signal processing technologies, taking the raw collect from the sensors on board the spacecraft and transforming it into intelligence.

The platform is responsible for performing signal processing operations to detect and passively geolocate un-cooperative targets using Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Frequency Difference Of Arrival (FDOA) techniques. The intelligence products include the frequency of the detected transmitter, the mean reception time, the transmitter coordinates, and the confidence ellipse parameters (Guardian LOCATE).

Radio transmission activity is a sign of human activity, so what we are doing is locating the presence of human activity where you are not expecting it to be. This is the key value add that we offer to our customers: we are able to provide them human activity around the world, around coastlines, borders, overseas assets, whether it’s offshore oil rigs or illegal mining in the Amazon for instance. There are all these sorts of challenges that are coordinated and dealt with by communication devices. Those communication devices provide radio waves that we collect and locate. 

Our unique and complementary data set and the growth in other data sets, are really driven by the cost of societal challenges around the world and its economic impact. We are highlighting the illegal activities; we are finding those needles in the haystack and helping to reduce the costs associated with these ongoing and daily challenges.

Andy Bowyer

Enhance detection of illegal activity & improve border security.

Whether you are looking to evaluate Kleos’ products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into another product, the Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.