Activity-Based Intelligence
Global Activity-Based Intelligence
Launching Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites in 2019 that will locate radio transmissions from devices such as VHF walkie talkies.
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Global Activity-Based Intelligence
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Mission Statement

We aim to deliver the highest level of technological, operational & financial performance by...

Continuously Developing

Critical intelligence products utilising data from our own Satellites.

A growing intelligence Satellite network to expand offering and ensure market leadership.

Market disruptive Space technologies.


By mid-2019 our own LEO nano-sat Earth Observation mission that will accurately geolocate target RF transmissions.


Our Data as a Service to information users in the defence and security ISR market.

A solution to locate the unseen, unlocatable, obscured, obfuscated, covert Maritime activity.

Our Space technology across many Space mission opportunities.

Leading, Growing & Scaling up

The data offer to near-real-time data by launching further satellites with a wider payload capacity.

The data offer from raw data to value-add solution intelligence into wider land, air and ocean markets

Our Space technology applications.

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Press Release

Kleos Space enters the Public Market

Kleos Space changes legal form to public company in Luxembourg; Kleos Space S.A. in preparation for listing on the ASX.

Press Release

Kleos Space Opens an Asia Pacific Office

Kleos Space opens first overseas office to develop Australian and broader Asia Pacific region

Press Release

Kleos Space signs ATP with GomSpace

The first satellite system, being called ‘Scouting’ mission, is valued at over €2.2 million.