Introducing Kleos

Space Powered Signal & Geospatial Intelligence

Kleos detects & geolocates RF transmissions from space to improve the identification of hidden & illegal activity.

This complementary and cost-effective data can be used to tip and cue existing datasets to enhance intelligence capability, even when traditional GEOINT sources are compromised by weather, distance, or sea-state.

What We Do


Constellation of satellites collecting RF signals over critical areas of interest.

The constellation is deployed across different orbits in clusters of 4 satellites flown in close formation, each collecting radio spectrum data.

Atmosphere Microworld


Signals are processed, precisely geolocating RF transmitters.

Providing Frequency, Time, Latitude and Longitude, and ECEF Coordinates of observed signals with an accuracy within 300 metres depending on conditions.

Antenna Microworld
Affordable, digestible geospatial intelligence data


Delivering actionable, analytic-ready data to detect hidden human activity.

Kleos provides a simple to use RESTful API to enable access to recent and archived data products in JSON format.

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Guarding borders
Protecting Assets
Saving lives

Use Case Examples

Maritime Applications
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Our data products can be used within a variety of Maritime applications:

Defence & Security
Counter Illegal Fishing & Piracy
Search & Rescue
Monitoring & Smuggling
People Trafficking

Actionable maritime intelligence
Land-Based Applications
Jungle Microworld


Our radio activity location data products deliver an enhanced ISR picture regardless of the time of day, weather conditions, or ground cover.

Defence & Security
People Trafficking
Detection of Illegal Activity
Improving Border Safety
Monitoring Strategic Areas of Interest

Improving border
— safety

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