Guarding borders.

Protecting assets.

Saving lives.


Delivering independent, global, precise, Activity-Based Intelligence Data powered by our Satellite network.

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Our Company Mission is to deliver the highest level of technological, operational and financial performance by…


Continuously Developing:

Critical intelligence products utilising data from our own Satellites.

A growing intelligence Satellite network to expand offering and ensure market leadership.

Market disruptive Space technologies.



By mid-2019 our own LEO nano-sat Earth Observation mission that will accurately geolocate target RF transmissions.



Our Data as a Service to information users in the defence and security ISR market.

A solution to locate the unseen, unlocatable, obscured, obfuscated, covert Maritime activity.

Our Space technology across many Space mission opportunities.


Leading, Growing and Scaling Up:

The data offer to near-real-time data by launching further satellites with a wider payload capacity.

The data offer from raw data to value-add solution intelligence into wider land, air and ocean markets

Our Space technology applications.