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Please note this page is a holding page where you can find recent press releases and download our prospectus; the full investor page with financial information, presentations, shareholder information and share price tracker will be made live at commencement of trading.

Press Articles.

Press Release – Company goes Public

Kleos Space changes legal form to public company in Luxembourg; Kleos Space S.A. in preparation for listing on the ASX.

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Press Release – Asia Pacific Office

Kleos Space opens first overseas office to develop Australian and broader Asia Pacific region

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Press Release – GomSpace ATP

Kleos Space signs ATP with GomSpace for 1st satellite system

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Press Release – Seed Round – IPO

KLEOS Space announces successful closing of 1.4M Euro seed round and plans for an Initial Public Offering on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2018

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Press Release – Luxembourg Support

MoU signed with Luxembourg Government to financially support Kleos R&D

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