Inauguration of Luxembourg Headquarters

On Tuesday December 14, 2021, Kleos inaugurated its Luxembourg Headquarters in the presence of the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot.

Investing for future growth, the new bespoke facility incorporates the company’s key functions under the one roof.

Located in the newly-built ParcLuxite Business Park in Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg, Kleos’ new headquarters will be home to the company’s engineering and operations facilities, housing environmental test chambers and a dedicated clean room space for the assembly, integration and test of sensitive space hardware as well as its mission control centre. It enables Kleos to scale its global geolocation data-as-a-service, and further support its additional engineering teams in the UK and the US.

ParcLuxite is a 65-hectare complex dedicated to innovation and high-tech companies on the historical site of the Poudrerie de Luxembourg.  It is considered Luxembourg’s equivalent of a mini–Silicon Valley.

Enhance detection of illegal activity & improve border security.

Whether you’re looking to evaluate our products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into a product, our Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.