Episode 2


A Unique Data-as-a-Service Model

with Eric von Eckartsberg, CRO and Alex Johnson, Sales Exec.


Alex — Hi, welcome everyone. I’m Alex Johnson, I’m the Sales Executive here at Kleos and I’m joined by our Chief Revenue Officer, Eric von Eckersberg. Today we’re going to talk a bit more about the business side of Kleos.

So Eric, can you tell me you know in terms of go to market strategy how do we plan to service our customers both domestic and abroad?

Eric — So we’ve found that many of our customers see our data as one critical component in a larger analytic solution. A number of our customers want to bring our radio frequency surveillance data into an existing analytic system where they already may have access to imagery, S.A.R, aerial surveillance data, and so they want to leverage existing tools. Other customers want to bring it directly into a simple visualization system and other customers want to bring the data, say into a general commercial tool like ESRI or something like that. So our our goal is to meet the customer at the point of need, so we want to work in the case of customers who are working with analytic partners, integrators and other tool vendors. We want to work directly with those partners who embed our data into those systems and allow our customers to use the data and systems they already have. In other cases we’re going directly to customers. So we do have customers around the world as well. We have customers in pretty much every region of the world now we’re talking to and that includes governments, commercial entities, NGOs, regulatory agencies, and a lot of those customers work with local resellers so we’ve established relationships with international resellers, we’re establishing partnerships with systems integrators, with data visualization, analytic tool vendors, so that our customers can directly access our data in ways that they need. So it’s really a multi-pronged approach, channel direct, but our focus is and will always be on the product. The quality of the data we’re going to produce we want to produce the most accurate radio frequency surveillance data available. Deliver it in a timely manner in a way that our customers can use it in any format, through any tool, any channel that they need so that’s our main focus, we’re not gonna be delivering analytics ourselves.

Alex —  Excellent, yeah and I think most folks here are probably familiar with software as a service. You know with our delivery method it’s going to be data as a service or DaaS. How are we going to leverage that to serve our customers and provide value?

Eric — So the first way is allowing our customers to access data through a simple monthly or annual subscription and like I said, a lot of our customers have worked with existing analytics solutions. These solutions need to access data directly, so data as a service is a way for us to put data up in the cloud as soon as its downloaded and processed in our systems. Our customers will be able to access it and importantly, they’ll be able to access the data that they need. So our customers generally have specific areas of interest in the world. Geographic areas they want data in one area of the South China Sea for instance or off Latin America. The api, our data as a service api, will allow them to download just the data that they’re interested in with all the associated metadata information on the the frequencies and other information that they need. So it’s a very convenient way of delivering data we don’t have to put up on FTP or email it to anybody, they can access it when they need it.

Alex — Excellent, yeah being able to query by time or geographic location is huge and I think also really critical there is the API itself. Easy to use we’re delivering JSON format files so it’s super easy to ingest into just about any geospatial platform, but at the same time huge focus on security and encryption for that data, and I know we’re like when we talk about it we’re really excited also to be as agile data as a service as possible when in this new space format so you know going from concept to operational in about a year is going to be big for us as well whereas previously it was much slower than that. 

Eric — Right yeah, so we hear a lot of requirements for our customers and when they come with new areas of the globe they want to cover or different frequencies we can get new assets up in space in under a year.

Alex — Well thank you so much, if you’re interested in learning more please visit us at kleos.space and we encourage you to sign up for our data evaluation. Thanks.