Commercially Available cost-effective global geolocation data

A critical enabler to reinforce rule of law and regulation


Kleos’ data delivers a cost effective input for ABI ‘tipping & Cueing’ of other EO and ISR assets.

Maritime Situational Awareness

See the traffics that’s hiding

AIS Verification

Locate the ‘impossible to locate’ including RIBS and small boats

Locate the fishing fleet

Track the polluters

Follow the smugglers

Where Kleos’ Guardian LOCATE Data could be used:

For many countries, a large proportion of their GDP is dependent on fishing, yet they know very little about what is happening off their coast.

Even if a country can afford Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) or long-range radars, the sea areas to be covered are vast (Australia – 10 million Sq Km; Ireland – 4 million Sq Km) and ‘patrolling’ them from Space is the only viable solution.

Kleos’ data provides patterns of life information that can give all the warnings and indicators needed to see changes in behaviour and spot illegal events, almost as they happen.

The data can be obtained either as a subscription or in 4 dimensions (an area of the Earth’s surface over a particular period of time).


Whether you are looking to evaluate our products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into another product, Kleos’ Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.