KSF1: Vigilance


Creating a constellation that provides critical coverage for monitoring global events and key locations of interest.

Welcome to KSF1: Vigilance
Launched June 2021

Polar Vigilance Mission

The KSF1 Polar Vigilance Mission satellites were launched on June 30, 2021 onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9, under a rideshare contract with Spaceflight Inc. The KSF1 satellites were launched into a 500-600km Sun Synchronous orbit, increasing Kleos’ coverage to the north and south of the 37 degree inclination of the Scouting Mission satellites.

Congratulations from Luxembourg Space Agency

Marc Serres: CEO of the LSA

Watch the live feed:

Behind the Scenes: Testing the Polar Vigilance Mission Satellites before launch

Discover the different testing phases the Polar Vigilance Mission Satellites went through before #launch!

Kleos’ 2nd cluster of satellites, the Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1), are being launched into a 525km Sun Synchronous orbit to enhance our global data collection capability.

Satellites are on route to Cape Canaveral: 01/06/21

Our four Polar Vigilance Mission satellites (KSF1) are now enroute to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Under a rideshare contract with Spaceflight Inc., the satellites will lift-off aboard the Spaceflight SXRS-5 / SpaceX Transporter-2 mission 

“We look forward to them entering service in our growing constellation – more satellites, means more data for our customers, increasing their insight into human activity in key areas of interest”

Kleos’ Polar Vigilance satellites pass Integration Readiness Review

Kleos Space confirms development of its second satellite cluster, the Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1), is on track for a mid-2021 SpaceX launch after successfully completing Integration Readiness Review, and the satellites start the build process with satellite builder ISISPACE.

The four Polar Vigilance nanosatellites are in the assembly and testing phase in preparation for final acceptance. Kleos’ satellites will then be delivered to the launch site for integration into the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

Kleos completes key satellite development milestone for mid-year SpaceX launch

Kleos confirms its second satellite cluster, the Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1), has successfully completed a hardware critical design review milestone for a launch mid-year onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9. Conducted, in the Netherlands, by satellite developer ISISPACE, passing the milestone ensures that Kleos’ Polar Vigilance Mission satellites can enter the assembly and verification phase – an exciting stage leads to final integration, testing and delivery of the satellites for launch.

Launch Schedule

7th November 2020

The Kleos Scouting Mission comprising four satellites (KSM1a, KSM1b, KSM1c, KSM1d) has launched on Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) PSLV C49 from Sriharikota Range in India (SHAR) into a 37 degree inclined orbit.

June 2021

The Kleos Polar Vigilance Mission comprising four satellites (KSF1a, KSF1b, KSF1c, KSF1d) will launch on the SpaceX Falcon 9 into a 525km Sun Synchronous Orbit.

Late 2021

Launch and satellite contracts placed for Polar Patrol Mission.

Our Mission:

The development of our KSF1 satellites progressed at an incredible pace. We are leveraging the experience of our satellite builder, Netherlands-based ISISPACE, to develop and deliver quickly as well as improve our hardware and software capability. We are rapidly building our constellation in 2021 with two satellite launches planned this year. Each satellite cluster increases the volume and value of our radio frequency geolocation data, enabling tiered subscription licences for governments and commercial entities.

Andy Bowyer, CEO


Whether you’re looking to evaluate our products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into a product, our Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.