KSM1: Scouting


Creating a constellation that provides critical coverage for monitoring global events and key locations of interest.

Welcome to the demonstrator Scouting Mission (KSM1)
Launched 7th November 2020

Scouting Mission

The Scouting Mission satellites were launched into a 37-degree inclination and worked as a capability demonstrator whilst collecting data over areas of interest.

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Watch the launch:

Latest Update from the Mission Team: 08/11/2020

Kleos confirms the successful launch of the Kleos Scouting Mission on Saturday 7 November 2020 on the PSLV-C49 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota.

After the deployment the commissioning phase has now commenced. The operations team have successfully made contact with all 4 Satellites. It has been confirmed that they have detumbled, battery status is as expected and onboard watchdogs are operational..

Latest Update from the Mission Team: 05/11/2020

ISRO have confirmed that the launch vehicle; PSLV C49 carrying the four Kleos satellites (along with the other satellites being launched) is now at the First Launch Pad in Sriharikota awaiting launch.

Latest Update from the Mission Team: 04/11/2020

Kleos Space Scouting Mission Launch and Early Orbit Phase:

The Launch and Early Orbit phase (LEOP) is a critical phase of the mission, covering launch, deployment and in orbit commissioning to handover to the Mission Operations Team to enact day to day operations and data generation activities.

During LEOP, the Mission Commissioning Team activate and monitor & control the satellite subsystems. Activities include establishing uplink and downlink, detumbling, software verification, antenna deployment, payload verification and manoeuvring to position the four KSM1 satellites cluster into its operational orbit and formation.

Latest Update from the Mission Team: 30/10/2020

Kleos confirms that its team of mission engineers have completed the final preparation of the Kleos’ four Scouting Mission satellites prior to launch on board the PSLV C49.

The Kleos team performed system checkout and mechanical inspection prior to battery charging and fuelling. The satellites were then armed for flight & inserted into their dispensers ready for integration onto the PSLV-C49 launch vehicle.

Launch Section

Launch Schedule

7th November 2020

The Kleos Scouting Mission comprising four satellites (KSM1a, KSM1b, KSM1c, KSM1d) has launched on Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) PSLV C49 from Sriharikota Range in India (SHAR) into a 37 degree inclined orbit.

June 2021

The Kleos Polar Vigilance Mission comprising four satellites (KSF1a, KSF1b, KSF1c, KSF1d) will launch on the SpaceX Falcon 9 into a 500 km Sun Synchronous Orbit.

Late 2021

Our mission engineers are consulting with our current customer base as they finalize the third cluster design.

Our Mission:

We are immensely proud of the entire team, launching satellites is always a huge challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult, their dedication to getting our Scouting Mission satellites into orbit has been remarkable.

Andy Bowyer, CEO


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