Kleos data delivers a cost effective input for ABI ‘tipping and cueing’ of other EO and ISR assets


RF geolocation data IS NOW available to the commercial user.

Maritime Situational Awareness

Ensuring compliance with routing requirements

Comparison of actual position with AIS feed

Location information when AIS spoofed or absent

Knowing when one ship meets another at sea

Where Kleos’ Guardian LOCATE Data could be used:

The Horn of Africa coastline and its adjacent seas are dangerous places. Masters and their crews take considerable risks if they get too close inshore.

As a ship owner or insurer do you know where your risk is? Where is your ship at any given time? Has it made a ‘rendez-vous’ you don’t know about? Are other vessels nearby?

The AIS picture by itself will not adequately answer these questions, but by also including geolocation data on possible threats, Kleos’ data will tell you what you need to know about short term changes as well as changes to daily habits, which warns you that something is wrong.


Whether you are looking to evaluate our products as a standalone, fuse them with other datasets, or integrate it into another product, Kleos’ Guardian LOCATE data will enhance the identification of dark maritime and land-based activity.