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Kleos delivers RF Reconnaissance Data-as-a-Service, providing game-changing intelligence capabilities for your mission.

Intelligence Products

Guardian Locate

A data set processed to deliver geolocated RF activity. This intelligence product is ready for further analytics by the customer within GEOINT and data fusion platforms.

Geolocation of RF SourcesProvides frequency, time, Latitude & Longitude, and ECEF Coordinates of observed signals with accuracy within 300m depending on conditions.
Signal Processing PlatformMulti-Satellites Constellation.
Proprietary multilateration algorithms.
API SpecificationsKleos provides a simple to use RESTful API to enable access to recent and archival data products in JSON format.
Frequencies CoveredVHF (155-165 MHz).
Tunable frequency range.
X-Band (9Ghz).
Observation AreaDaily revisits of Area of Interest (AOI) anywhere on Earth.
Pricing OptionsMonthly or annual subscription based on AOI.

Customer TypeUse Cases
Government DefenceNational Security (Intelligence). Counter-Terrorism. Anti-Jamming. Border Security / Immigration. Sanction Prosecution.
Government CivilIllegal Commercial Fishing. Search & Rescue. Piracy. Coast Guard Monitoring & Smuggling. Exclusive Economic Zone Protection.
IntegratorTool and analytics providers, fusing Kleos data with other sources to provide a more comprehensive view of human activity.
Reseller, Channel PartnerKleos leverages resellers and channel partners to deliver solutions to international and specialised markets.
Guardian LOCATE

Cost-effective data-as-a-service delivered via encrypted api

Tip and cue assets or existing datasets to improve ISR capabilities

Use data to send alerts

Enhance detection of illegal activity and improve border security

Quicker decision making and responses

Easily integrate with multiple sources to improve deployment and automation

Guardian LOCATE

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Guardian LOCATE

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